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seniorhighlight ERIC


Corn, potatoes, beets, squash, and tomatoes: you name it, Eric Longeway has it in his Springbank backyard. Passionate about horticulture, Longeway is deeply “rooted” in his community and in the value of getting involved: from the Garden Club to his local church, founder of the Dairy Nutrition Council of Alberta to sitting on the local School Board. When asked how he juggles it all, he shrugs and chuckles, “I don’t know! Sometimes I wonder how or why, but when something comes along I’ve got to do my part”.

What people are saying

Farmers, ranchers and small land owners realize the time will come when they no longer manage their operations. They never-the-less desire to remain in their community and continue to contribute to their community.

Phil Unland
Rural Seniors Advisory Committee Member

We want to be in control of how and where we age.

Rural senior resident

Bob Stevenson


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