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LoriKovacsLori Kovacs 

Raised in a farming community in Saskatchewan, reinforced Lori's belief that everyone in a community has something to offer! Lori moved to Alberta for her B.A., B.S.W. and her certification in Divorce and Family Mediation. After a number of years and positions with Child and Family Services, Lori moved into community development where she thought she could create the greatest ruckus. She was responsible for instigating CDS and has since found an endless source of creativity, experimentation and fun working with community members. Building strong and connected communities is her passion. Lori's past accomplishments include: Phase 2 Design Committee for the Spray Lakes Recreation Centre and co-founder of Footstock (2001), Western Canada's Premier Race Weekend. One day, Lori hopes to be involved in a protest march, but for time being, she's content to see Ruth's Dream come true.

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gwynGwyn Butler

Gwyn was literally thrown from the frying pan and into the freezer when her family immigrated from Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) to the N.W.T. in 1962. Since then, the north has held its spell and drawn her across its landscape from Nunavut to the Yukon as her view of "community" was also shaped. Gwyn has worked in a variety of not for profit organizations including volunteer management, advocacy for disabled persons, employment creation, historical preservation, recreation and child development. Her degree in Recreation Administration from the University of Alberta has provided a broad spectrum of opportunity to work in the community and led her to CDS in early 2005. Gwyn's passions include a love of horses, nature and travel. Her goals are to hike the Grand Canyon, take a photography course and go on a cattle drive.

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