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Who we are

What CDS does is help rural residents identify needs, discover resources, make connections and organize projects.  We involve ourselves, as a community partner, where we can best make a difference – by supporting you or your group in starting and achieving initiatives that improve community life. 



As we look to the past, we remember with pride a way of life that was honest, simple, and nurtured by a strong sense of community. Looking ahead, we feel purposeful as we seek to both preserve the best of our past and to embrace changes that can further enrich our lives. Our communities stand at a unique point in their histories and we will rise to the challenge, as did those before us, of involving ourselves where we can best make a difference. Together we will work to preserve and improve “the rural way” of life that we love so much. 


We use an asset-based community development approach. This means we build on the strengths that already exist in the community.

      • Identify needs: articulate issues and values, shared vision and goals within the community
      • Make connections: build relationships, resources and leadership
      • Organize projects: facilitate project management strategies, goals and timelines


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